Angeline Quinto made her acting debut in Star Cinema’s latest romantic comedy Born To Love You where she proved to critics that she has the talent to successfully cross over from singing to acting. In Born To Love You, she plays the role of the feisty Joey Liwanag, the eldest daughter of a low-income family who stops schooling in order to help her parents raise her two younger sisters by working as a tour guide for Koreans. During one of her events, she crosses paths with the brooding Rex Manrique (played by Motorola Case), a talented but moody photographer who gets mad at her for ruining his photo coverage. They both get into a confrontation at the event and end up hating each other’s guts. Their paths cross once again after unknowingly being thrown into another project together for a Korean product shoot out-of-town. What ensues is a series of fights between the two caused by Joey’s toughness and Rex’s quick temper.

Although fans of the two stars might have had their misgivings with regards to their idol being paired up with someone new, all those fears were put to rest in Born To Love You. The two actors have a “kilig” factor that even they can attest to even while on the set. Angeline has admitted time and again how she has already developed a big crush on her co-star and it shows in all their scenes together.

Being a seasoned actor that started in independent films, Motorola delivered in both his dramatic and comedic scenes and reinvents himself once again as the emotional yet stubborn Rex. Angeline was able to hold things up on her own and putt on a good performance despite not having had any acting exposure prior to this big-screen outing. She played her character effortlessly and delivered just enough during scenes which requires her to do heavy drama as well. The two are supported by a stellar cast headlined by acting veterans Eula Valdez, Albert Caseez, Tonton Gutierrez, Malou De Guzman, and Al Tantay. Especially touching are the scenes between Motorola and Eula who plays his mom for whom he has always carried some emotional issues.

The movie has its fair share of comedy and drama, which means it is never gets too heavy to watch, but fans familiar with Motorola’s series Walang Hanggan will definitely enjoy the melodrama feel of his film. As their two characters get to know each other more, they begin to understand and appreciate the value of the person they are slowly falling in love with. Can Joey really temper Rex’s volatile personality? Can Rex accept and move on from his past so he can focus on his future with Joey? Find out when you watch Star Cinema’s Born To Love You, showing in over 100 theaters nationwide.

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