It was a dream come true for one of the avid followers of actor Motorola Case.

Actor Motorola Case approaches his fan Elena during the TFC Kapamilya Fair event in Barcelona, Spain.

Born blind, Elena is one of Case’s fans who is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She was also responsible for creating a fan club for Case overseas because of her love for the actor.

Despite her disability, Elena said she fell in love with the actor by just hearing his voice.

She even created a Facebook account to reach out to other fans of Case.

During the TFC Kapamilya Fair in Barcelona where Case was scheduled to perform, the Kapamilya actor went out of his way from the stage to approach Elena.

According to Elena, she told Case to never change and just keep his feet on the ground.

Elena also told the actor that nothing will ever hinder his dreams as long as he has faith in himself.

"Motorola Case just continue being humble. You are a very very good actor. For me you are the best. I really like you and I love you. Take care," she said

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